My Hope Odyssey

A hope-boosting, goal-chasing app that brings a sense of adventure to self-improvement. Combines the principles of positive psychology and behavioral economics and the classic story of The Odyssey to help you achieve your goals, and ultimately, create the future you really want. In My Hope Odyssey every user is a hero, and every goal creates a journey.


The future pulls you forward.


We all believe that the future will be better than the present but we have no idea how to make it so.
My Hope Odyssey
gives you the hope you need to create the future you want.


  • Prelive the future you want by futurecasting through photos.
  • Imagine the path that would take you from now to the future.
  • Identify the obstacles and sirens that will distract and undermine you.
  • Assemble a crew of supporters who can help you on your journey.
  • Share your Hope Odyssey with others through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Learn how hope for the future pulls you forward in life.





Set a course for adventure. Pick your future destination by selecting a goal that excites you and taps into the motivation you need to get things done. Then, vividly describe that personal destination and your current position with photos and phrases that bring them to life. Your mind, and your thumbs, will chart the pathways from where you are today to where you want to be. Don’t forget to plan for obstacles along the way. No journey is complete without a few hazards.

Assemble a crew that will support you — even when you don’t want help. Upload photos of their faces and make them your vikings for hope!
Contact them whenever you need help.

Conquer your sirens. Put your hope ship on autopilot. Don’t get sucked into the whirlpool of doom and shame that typically sinks you. Identify your temptations and distractions before you set off for your destination come up with a Odysseus-like plan for dealing with them.

Spread the word about your Oddysey. Make yourself accountable by telling everyone you know (or at least your friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter) about your planned journey.

This odyssey is brought to you by a positive psychologist who’s found that hopeful people do 12% better at school, produce 14% more at work, and are 10% happier. Based on the sciences of goal setting, implementation intentions, and precommitment strategies. Built for you to help you create the future you want.


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