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Nexting While Walking

Nexting while walking may result in meaningful, hopeful conversations.

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Looking For Hope

I went looking for hope and found more than I expected.

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Why Your Doctor Should Examine Your Hope

When it comes to their health, hopeful people tend to make good choices.

Where Does Your Hope Come From?

Where does your hope come from? Take this simple test to find out now.

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Why Today’s Afterschool Specials Would Be Hope Killers

If fiction follows fact, modern afterschool will reflect the great hope divide between American adults and children.

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America, You Need Therapy

America, you are in a funk. You need to find one thing that excites you about the future. It can be a reunion with old friends, a sporting event, or some big goal at work. Better yet, pick something that is challenging and really meaningful. Remember h…

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Rethinking Resolutions: One for Me and One for We

As you consider who you can be in 2013, do more than think about yourself. What if we all got better at making resolutions that we’re actually likely to achieve and that make us feel great in the process? You can both indulge in a personal resolution…

What Can I Do to Help a Student Graduate, Starting Today?

Just imagine a community in which all students graduate from high school and get a good job. Then consider one thing you could do to make it happen…and then do it.

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